Empathetic Listening

Empathetic listening is an essential interpersonal effectiveness skill, and this assignment will build on the  skills you’ve been practicing, such as mindfulness and perception checking. Listening empathetically is  particularly important when someone is upset or when you and another person have different perspectives.
conduct online research about the meaning of empathy and empathetic listening. On the basis of your research,
write a short summary of HOW to listen empathetically . You may include a dictionary definition, as well as,
other descriptions of empathic listening, or tips for empathic listening. You may use your textbook, class
materials, and at least one other online source you find online. This part of the paper should be about one page
long. Keep this summary as you will include it with your paper. Be sure to keep track of your online sources so
you can reference them correctly at the end of your paper.
use summary to help you practice listening empathetically to TWO people in your life two days of this module).
Choose a time to sit down and talk to each individual for at least 15 minutes, about a topic that is emotional
and signfificant for one or both of you. Be sure that you have enough time, and can talk without being
interrupted. During this talk, practice the empathic listening skills you’ve learned about. Keep in mind that
you might be a bit “clumsy” when you try out a new skill. If you feel awkward or feel like you weren’t as
successful as you “should” have been, go easy on yourself. A large part of success rests on practice, practice,
and practice!
Once you have completed these steps, write a 3–4-page double-spaced paper addressing the following:
Provide your summary of how to listen empathetically.
explain what it was like for you to actually practice listening empathetically. What went well? What was
Describe how listening empathetically seemed to affect your conversations. For example, did it change the
emotional tone, your sense of connection, your understanding, your perspective, etc.? This section should be
about one page.
Describe what you have learned about the importance of empathetic listening as it relates your interpersonal
effectiveness. Consider the four basics. It is not necessary to talk about all—just the one or two that seem to
benefit the most from empathetic listening. You might want to refer to your “How Interpersonally Effective Am
I?” interview information for insights. This section should be about one page.