Drugs & Society

Question 1
Present the pharmacology of opioids, including chemical changes and mechanism of action.
Discuss why, if there are no chronic toxicities directly related to the use of opioids, opioid dependence
would be a problem for users in the long term.
Discuss the changes in the populations of opioid users. Include in this discussion the debate around the
availability of Naloxone.
Question 2
Describe several of the psychoactive plants presented in Chapter 14 of your textbook, identifying the active
chemicals contained within them, the class of hallucinogens to which they belong, and their purported
psychological effects.
Should research efforts be encouraged to determine the possible use of these hallucinogens in efforts to
improve the human condition? Explain your viewpoint, addressing either your objections or advocacy, supported
by tenable assumptions and sound reasoning.
Develop at least three strong reasons to avoid experimentation with LSD, based on the experiences of others
who have reported adverse reactions and other problems.
How would you describe the particular challenges facing law-enforcement personnel when confronted by a
possibly dangerous perpetrator suspected of being under the influence of a powerful psychoactive drug, such
as PCP/”angel dust”? Should a drug-induced, alleged perpetrator be held accountable–legally? Explain your