boardroom-level marketing dashboard

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develop a boardroom-level marketing dashboard for you own firm based on the principles of dashboard development
explained in this week’s lecture. Remember this to be a high-level dashboard with three to four key measures.
Your boardroom dashboard is to be developed for posting by Wednesday for discussion among your group. You are to
critique the boardroom dashboards of other students in your group. Then you will brainstorm how your dashboard
and those of your group-mates’ could incorporate Triple Bottom Line reporting metrics. You will use this input
to refine your dashboards for your individual papers (see Week 8 Dropbox for details).
Following this discussion, pick the dashboard that you think is the best one and state why. As a group, develop
a one-page group paper that distills the key ideas gained from the discussion of dashboards and post the summary
on Saturday. This paper should focus on dominant concepts or special insights.