At Estée Lauder, a Brand Is Developed Just for China

the essay must follow this question:
1. Which one, specific US company is the focus of this article?
a. Specific US company.
b. In which specific country/region of the world is this company’s business the topic of the article?
2. What is the main idea of article?
a. Provide a brief summary.
3. From the article, can you describe the target market?
a. Provide a brief description of the target market
4. Please describe in detail the marketing challenge(s) faced by this US company in the international
business situation that is the topic of the news article.
a. Description of marketing challenges.
b. What is the role for marketing in meeting these particular challenges?
c. Describe in detail what marketing should do/ is doing as stated in the article and in your opinion.
5. Based on your learning thus far in this course, are there any insights/recommendations that you would
offer the marketing team of this company with regard to the particular situation/issues described in the
a. Insights and recommendations
6. Why did you choose this particular article? Please be specific.
a. Reason for choosing this news article.
b. How does this article fit into the context of our course/how is it relevant to our course?
7. Did you learn anything in particular from the PROCESS that you followed to search and choose your
a. Specific learning from the article research process.
b. How many articles did you read/research before choosing this article?
8. Which marketing concepts or terminology, that you have learned thus far in this course (or in other  marketing courses), were you able to apply to this assignment/marketing situation?
a. Please specify which concepts and how each of these concepts apply.
9. What is your key learning from this news article?
10. In your opinion, how do you think the learning experience from this assignment benefits you  personally and/or in your major field of study?