what is America?

In his chapter “Utopia Achieved” Baudrillard makes significant claims about America as a country and a culture (and about Europe as a place and a way of thinking and living in the world), even if offered in the form of a cartoon – Mr. Europe meets Mr. America. What are the key claims made about America? What are the ones that strike you as most interesting, pressing, serious, or troubling?
Write an essay in which you respond to Baudrillard’s assertions that he makes about America.As an insider (or as Baudrillard’s essay invites you to imagine the position of the insider, the American), how would you speak back to his characterization of America? Before you begin to work on this essay, consider the elements of Baudrillard’s arresting and distinctive writing style, such as, his tone of address, his sense of audience, the shape of his argument, his use of specialized vocabulary, and the form of the essay. Why would a writer write like this? What is being explored or rejected in such a style? What does the writing do – and what doesn’t it do? For the reader, what are the advantages, the pleasures, the problems of this reading?