Pareto chart

A Check Sheet is a grid that allows CQI teams to determine how often an event occurs as an effort to assist with prioritizing needed action steps by revealing which events or problems occur with greatest frequency. The compiled raw data generated on a Check Sheet is often used to create a Pareto Chart (and others such as a histogram, run charts, etc.). On the other hand, a Pareto Chart is a form of bar graph that displays categories of data in descending order of frequency or significance in order to prioritize options or to demonstrate that addressing a single key aspect or defect of a larger system pr process will have tremendous impact on that overall system or process.
You are the Assistant Director of the HIM department at Coppin University Hospital (CUH). Your responsibilities include the incomplete chart area. The Director wants you to determine which physicians have the most incomplete charts. You have told the employees to count the number of incomplete charts for the doctors and the months in which they occur. Your jobs as the department manager is to identify which Doctors have the worst rate of completion and what month has the worst completion rate. The information is presented below:
Doctor : July August Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Dr. Wu 24 18 32 15 27 38
Dr. Fine 43 31 58 61 49 85
Dr. Pepper 5 34 27 15 10 42
Dr. Green 20 46 41 33 21 18
Dr. Miracle 7 23 19 39 26 57
1. Total the number of incomplete charts for each physician.
2. Total the number of incomplete charts for each month.
3. Arrange each physician total in descending order.
4. Arrange each monthly total in descending order.
5. Construct a Pareto Chart for the physicians & for the months.
6. Construct a Pie Chart for the physicians & for the months.
7. Answer the following questions:
a. Which doctor do you need to deal with first?
b. What should you do and/or say to the physician?
c. What is the busiest month and why do you think this has occurred?
d. What should you do in terms of staffing for that particular month?