Op-ed Critique on Childhood Obesity

Op-ed critique.Based on the social problem and/or policy you have selected, select an op-ed piece in a major newspaper or magazine that approaches the issue from a perspective that differs from your own beliefs or opinions. The op-ed should be attached to the paper you submit. In approximately 3 double-spaced pages, your paper must:
a) succinctly summarize the author’s argument and how the author defines the problem,
b) identify and discuss at least 1-2 examples of “symbols” used by the author in making his/her argument (use Session 2 readings to support your argument),
c) identify and discuss multiple points of disagreement between you and the author (any claims you make to support your point of view should be supported by appropriate data, research sources),
d) describe the social, political, economic, cultural values and ideology that form the basis for the author’s perspectives (use Session 7 readings to support your argument),
e) discuss whether and how this exercise has influenced your beliefs and opinions about this issue.
Appropriate resources should be used to support your arguments and must be cited.