information security

Your task is to produce a comparison between the information classification needs of twoorganisations. You are required to compare and contrast the information classification requirements of any two of the following: a bank, a large hospital, a university or a government agency (such as Department of Defence). You may if you wish choose two similar organisations from different countries if you wish.
You may utilise a series of tables and graphics to present your findings. Your research must be well researched and it is expected that you make use of conference papers and journal articles to further demonstrate credibility to your findings.
You need to keep your answer to a maximum of ten pages. Your answer should consist of two sections.
• State what information types there would be in these two different organisations (based on research and backed up with referencing) and what the various threats would be. You are also required to provide a value of each type of information.
• Speculate and design an information classification system for each organisation. Again, your classification can be creative, but must also be based on information you have researched. Compare the different classification systems and justify your choice of the classification system