Select a print advertisement that you find intriguing, and compose a 3-4 page essay in which you analyze it closely. This means that you will break the ad into their different parts and see how they work to deliver a specific message and to fulfill the advertiser’s goal. Your choice of ads is the key to making the essay interesting and meaningful. To give your essay direction, you will need to devote time and thought to the selection of your ads. Avoid random selection; instead, choose an ad that presents an interesting issue or problem or raise a good question. Attach copy of the ad to the essay for the readers’ convenience. Consider the following:
1. Select an ad that you find particularly interesting; you won’t be able to write an engaging essay if you aren’t engaged with the ad.
2. Consider the primary source in which the ad is located.
3. What is the ad for? What does the ad look like?
4. Consider the audience and any assumptions the writers of the ad make about them.
5. How is the ad designed to appeal to that particular audience?
6. What message(s) is intended by the ad? What is the ad “really” saying?
7. Go on a fact finding mission – find out details surrounding the issue.
8. Construct a rough outline. Draft early and often.
9. Compose a working thesis that is insightful and meaningful.