Access Control/Security Administration/resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism

Please answer the three discussion questions. All questions can be answered on one page of work.
“Access Control” Please respond to the following:
• Compare and contrast physical access controls and logical access controls. Further explain how both physical and logical access controls are related to implementing a security policy.
• Compare and contrast discretionary access control and mandatory access control. Additionally, choose a business sector and identify which access control method you would institute and why it would be your choice.
“Security Administration” Please respond to the following:
• From the e-Activity, summarize the ethical dilemma and describe how you would mitigate the vulnerability.
• Explain the role of operations and administration in the effective implementation of a security policy and assess how security policies assist management with respect to communicating the organization’s security tone and culture. Additionally, include the importance of security policies to management and overall organizational security.
What factors have led to the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism (or revivalism) in Afghanistan, Iran, and other parts of the Muslim world?
Why do you think so many people in that part of the world admire Osama bin Laden?