teenage pregnancy

action research
creating a program that prevents teenage pregnancy
1) summary of proposal
strength of organization
method- action and evaluation
fund require and sustainabily
2) background
-introduction and specific aims : overall information about the study, reason for interest in specific topic,
research question
– problem statement and significant: define the problem and justify the important, how many people affect (
directly and indirectly), relate short and longterm issue, cost of society, past result of any action with
this issue, uniqueness of your approach
3) method
– program goals and objective: base on background data, goal are broad and long term, objective are specific
within the time frame of the grant
– Produre and work plan : driven by objective, population of interest, target number of your sample,
potential benefit and consequences, recruitment of participant, incentive
– staff and administration: people who will involve in the project,Include staff and consultants (not
participants),Qualifications – strengths of the persons to be involved (hiring criteria),Responsibilities of
each person affiliated with the project
evaluation: Identify variables based on goal and objective(s)
Identify and describe evaluation design
Identify evaluation sample
Describe data collection methods
-process evaluation: goal- reason for the process evaluation. possibilities- approach to the process
– outcome evaluation: identify variable of interest bast based on goal and objective, identify evaluation
design, describe evaluation design, identify use of qualitative or quantiative approach, identify data
– sustainability: goal to insure funders that they are investing in a program and also the future plan to
continue program after this dunding stream is over
-timeline defines tasks clarifies when task areto be accomplished Establishes sequence of events
Recommended limit to one fiscal year (need not begin in January)
Include planning and action procedure
4) BUDGET:Your budget should include how much money you need to carry out your project from start to finish
as proposed in the methods and evaluation