Reading Log

Reading Log
This assignment consists of a detailed written response to two readings from the module, giving you practice
in ‘critical reading’, which is one of the building blocks for studying and for writing an essay.
In preparing a Critical Review you are involved in several tasks:
1. Summarising:
– Accurately note publication details
(Author Name, (Year of Publication) Title of piece (italics if a book “….” If a chapter or article), in Book
Title (if a chapter in an edited anthology) ed. Name of Editor, Publishing Company: Place of Publication)
– Offer a simple summary of the topic or area under discussion and note the tone of the piece
– Note what is being argued and how that argument is constructed
2. Being critical:
– Engage with the ideas being offered by placing the article or chapter in the context of other things you
have read. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses, the interesting aspects to the piece (compared
to other articles/chapters)
– Try and form connections between the two readings that you have chosen e.g. how one reading might build
upon the argument evident in the other; how one reading might challenge or complicate the argument of the
– Note difficulties/problems etc that you have in reading it, and further work that you might like to do as a
consequence of having read it