project management

General – To research & by application demonstrate a topic of personal interest in the area of Project
Management in order to improve one’s level of project management proficiency.
Understand and analyse, by deciding upon
• A specific principle / topic of interest from one of the nine knowledge areas of Project Management
(PMBoK): Time, Cost, Scope, Quality, Risk, Procurement, Communication, Integration Management, etc. but
exclude Human Resources.
• Discuss the specific issues and interrelationships between your ‘specific principle (topic of
interest)’ and the project management, knowledge area that the principle originates from.
For example, your topic of interest may be “the various forms and benefits of Solicitation in Project
Procurement Management.”
Students are to:
• Part 1- Section A: theory
Provide a brief overview of their chosen project management knowledge area as it relates to their topic of
E.g. ‘Forms of Risk Assessment’ and explain how this principle relates within Risk Management.
Describe the usefulness of this particular principle and apply original thought with examples and critical
• Part 2 – Section B: Practical Application
Apply your chosen project principle to your business or social life and demonstrate how it could be applied
to a future or an existing project, and what benefits you might gain from this experience. Draw down upon
your personal experiences. In particular:
* Outline your project, in some detail.
* Describe your project and how the project management principle you have chosen could be applied and the
benefits obtainable, which might contribute to the project’s success.
* Describe why the project principle may not be suitable for all your future projects (give reasons) and
where the shortfalls may lie.
• Part 3 – Presentation Material
Provide presentation material – a précis of your investigations into your chosen project management area and
how it relates to your business or social life.
The material needs to be of a high standard utilise suitable speakers aids, e.g. PowerPoint Slides, with
Handouts etc and be suitable for presenting, if called upon.