Management **
• Discuss the evolution of management principle from the Classical School to the present
• Compare/contrast and relate one or more of the different schools of management theory and management
practices in the student’s current work environment – this should constitute approximately
The student must be able to compare/contrast, analyze/evaluate, synthesize information, and prepare
well-written documentation of their findings and conclusions. The paper must clearly demonstrate the
student’s ability to accomplish this.
discuss the history of management theory and the second is to relate one or more of these theories to your
own work environment.
identify which management theory is used, has it always been that way or has it evolved from one to another
management theory/practice, do you think it is effective, would another style be more effective, why or why
not, if you manage people how do you view management practices now that you manage vs. how you viewed
management practices when you were not in a management position. Of course, you do not have to cover every
one of these issues but I would hope you will give some thought to the different management theories, how
they evolved, why they needed to evolve further in response to changing dynamics in the marketplace, what you
think works for you personally and in your work environment