Information Systems Development & Management

Read the following case study and address the tasks given.
Lifeforce Medical Ltd is an importer and distributor of medical devices, treatments and other products. The
company serves independent pharmacies and some specialist stockists in both the Republic and Northern
The company has operated since the 1980s and its Information Systems have grown and developed over that time.
Most employees are computer literate and two IT employees oversee the company’s modest infrastructure for
networking, email, stock control, invoicing and accounts. Most applications, servers and databases are
Windows-based and Microsoft Office is widely used.
Aside from the normal IT functions, the company maintains an in-house stock control and database system that
can be accessed remotely by their delivery drivers. This has always worried Managing Director Don Thorn who
sees it as vulnerable to telecoms issues, power failures, fire and other disruption. In particular, he and
David Bean, The Financial Controller have always worried that the database might be compromised and customer
details disclosed.
They have recruited you to fully study and document the IT requirements of the business for the next three to
five years. After a full understanding is gained and understood, they want you to make recommendations for
changes to the software, systems, infrastructure, network or platforms that you think are necessary or
The business is profitable, but recent changes announced by the Health Service will reduce the margins earned
by pharmacies, which will in turn put further price pressure on Lifeforce. Mr Bean has made it clear that
any changes must be cost neutral over five years. Despite this, Lifeforce are keen to exploit the latest
Write a report for Lifeforce to include:
• Full requirements from all stakeholders including diagrams as required and appropriate;
• Identified actual, likely and potential shortcomings of the current system;
• Options for change with clear recommendations and justification;
• Any assumptions made.
Presentation slides
Create a 15 minute presentation for Lifeforce to include:
• An outline of your findings
• Your proposal
• The benefits of your proposal
• Options for change with clear recommendations and justification;